Smart Ways to Take Control of a Painful Back

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If your back pain seems determined to take over your life, you need some new answers now.

Finding answers that help you take control could start with a visit to your local chiropractor’s clinic, The Joint Chiropractic, where wellness is a way of living.

Your chiropractor’s focus on a healthy spine could help you realign your whole body, providing new relief for your back.

Finding Relief

Back pain is not an easy opponent. Finding the best combination of chiropractic treatment, regular exercise, heathy diet, and adequate sleep could be the key to coexisting with your back, as you look for lasting answers. suggests some important strategies:

Ergonomics – If you log in a lot of hours in front of a screen, you might reduce your back pain just by checking out your office chair, your posture, and your position in front of screens.

Avoid bending forward and keep your feet flat on the floor. Ask for your chiropractor’s advice, and keep refining your work area until it works for you.

Exercise – Even though you may not feel like exercising, regular walks can help to avoid a loss in range of motion and stretch muscles and ligaments that may be putting pressure on your back. Start with short walks and see how far you can go.  

Healthy Eating – Getting the nutrients your spine needs for strength means eating a healthy diet including fruit, vegetables, lean protein and dairy. Losing extra pounds can also help reduce the load on your back, making recovery easier.

Sleep Well – Insomnia is common in back pain patients. Before it becomes a painful ordeal, work on ways to make sleep better for you. Develop a restful routine, making your bedroom a haven with low light, no screens or noise. Make sure your pillow and mattress are right for you and create a simple pattern to wind down with a warm bath, relaxing music or a light snack.

Don’t Smoke – Smoking makes a person more susceptible to back pain. Find a way to give it up and give your back a break.

Release Tension – Consider yoga, tai chi and meditation as easy ways to help your body realign itself and shed ongoing stress. Your back will thank you.

With the help of your chiropractor, and some healthier daily strategies, you may find your back pain pain easing. You may find regular weekly chiropractic visits help to relax your back and keep everything else in focus. Gradually, you may find yourself losing weight, becoming more active, trying new workouts, and slowly but surely gaining control of your life again.

Get the answers you need. Visit your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic.  The Joint has simplified the whole process, eliminating the hassle of insurance, providing affordable care plans, offering flexible hours and walk-in visits.  Stop by and find out more. 

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